Studies on Vertical Axis Wind Turbine - A Review


  • Sankalp Srivastava PG Scholar, Mechanical Engineering Department, NIT Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu, India.


VAWT, Power coefficient, CFD, FEM, Turbulence


A VAWT is the one turbine which rotor and shaft are kept in transverse direction to the direction of the wind. Due to this the motor or generator is kept on the ground. There are Darrieus, Savonius and Giromill types of VAWT are there. This type of turbine has many problems like the effect of turbulence, flow separation to eddies, and stress generation in the blade. All these things have been discussed in this review paper and conclusions are given. Different methods like FEM and CFD are used to find the performance of VAWT.


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