Studies on Solar Thermal Industrial Process Heating - A Review


  • Rishabh Patel PG Scholar, Thermal Power Engineering, National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli, India.


Thermal energy storage, Solar irradiationSolar irradiation, Mathematical model


As we all know the current dependency on nonrenewable resources is still around 85- 90% worldwide. The nonrenewable resources which presently have less percentage contribution in power and heat generation have a great potential in the future. Many methods and techniques to harness the energy from these resources have already been developed and many yet are in progress. One of them is a solar energy which is present in abundance on our earth. The use of solar energy in power generation and process heating has vast applications ranging from residential to commercial sectors. The use of solar energy in industrial process heating can be utilized for many purposes depending on operating temperature ranges. Solar process heating is clean as it doesn't involve any fuel particles, dust, PM etc., and is also simple to construct and operate which ultimately leads it to one of the key options in power and heat generation throughout the world.


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