Review on Performance Analysis of Fire Tube Boilers


  • Meesala Bhaskar PG Scholar, Mechanical Engineering Department, NIT Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu, India.


Heat transfer, Modelling, performance, Fire-tube boiler


Boilers in which hot flue gasses flow inside the tubes and water is surrounded by the tubes, thereby heat interaction taking place are called fire tube boilers. One of the most important performance factors that we know is the thermal efficiency of the boiler. So, the boiler is to be designed in such a way that there should be minimum heat losses through exhaust gases, and fully insulated boiler drum and minimum thermal resistance between heat transfer surfaces. The boiler auxiliaries such as the economizer, air preheater, superheater, heat recovery parts must be included. Consumers expect new and custom designs, so there is a need to change in design aspects and to increase the efficiency of the boiler.



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